A rite of passage for many Americans is that first day/week/month of going off to college – meeting new friends, getting involved in campus life, following your passion to create a career, cheering on the university’s athletic teams, etc.  It’s a time that almost all Americans who experience it rate at or near the happiest times in their lives…

Like many of life’s basic needs (food {steaks!  wine!}, shelter {hotels!}, travel {airlines!}) Trump saw education as something he could make a lasting impact on the quality of peoples’ lives.

Trump decided to take all of those qualities of the education experience that people remember so fondly and set them aside.  Those were features folks could find in other (failed!) education institutions.  Trump needed to differentiate so he brought a new dimension to education:  classes taught by “real” Americans (ie – no one actually qualified to teach); offering no real diploma or recognized college credit; and as a bonus a thorough education on racketeering and fraud!

While not a university in the traditional sense there were a few fun campus organizations you could join.  Lame universities have things like the “Greek System” where college students from various backgrounds can socialize and mingle.  At Trump University this was the “Class Action System” where students could socialize and do fun things like “file lawsuits”.  And boy did these “Class Action” kids know how to party – at the end of the last semester they threw a $25M shindig financed solely through the charitable giving of Mr. Trump himself!  https://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/19/us/politics/trump-university.html

This Trump University Student paid $25 Million in Tuition!