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President Trump has known he was going to be huge since he was a child. How did he know? Because his parents repeatedly told him so. With such strong reinforcement and the hard word he put in as a child to be born to wealthy parents he had the confidence to start many, many businesses. Well, confidence and several million dollars from inheritance….

Below we chronicle the many great and huge businesses President Trump has owned and operated. Clear evidence as to President Trump’s qualifications to Make America Great Again!

GET OUT, LADIES! A Fun Celebration of Women’s Rights (Hosted by Bill O’Reilly)


It’s remarkable how knowledgeable about sexual harassment Bill O’Reilly is!

With women’s issues front and center today and the movie Get Out! being so popular we at the Real Donald J Trump Presidential Library thought it would be fun to smash these up in a fun, interactive exhibit.  Hosted by friend of President Trump, star of Inside Edition and Loofah enthusiast Bill O’Reilly the exhibit takes you through a world where sexual predators roam freely, but are also aging rapidly.  These predators have discovered the path to immortality, but to do so they must find a vessel to transplant their brains.

And what better vessel than women?  Strong, hardworking and best of all –> who’s going to believe a woman who claims she was sexually harassed by herself…?

The experience begins with a job interview, followed by offers for 1:1 “career coaching” in private rooms and possibly even some furniture buying.  As this is a choose-your-own adventure exhibit the experience will be different for each woman.  The main difference being how fast you can run.

Please join us soon in this merrymaking expedition.  We do strongly recommend against wearing high-heels, however.


Trump Airlines: Fly the Angry Skies!


A Trump Air Shuttle for Every Wife!

It was everything you know and love from a Trump business AND it flew!  Not very long, mind you (pesky things like profitability, wasteful spending, poor reliability and passengers getting sick from spray tan residue – SAD!), but Trump Air did in fact fly!

While it was a fleeting venture those lucky enough to fly with Trump received the same quality experience every other Trump business customer enjoys:  gold plated toilets, hosts in rented tuxedos, crashes & destruction and yelling – so much tremendous yelling!  In the end it was an incredible success that was only stopped when the industry collapsed.  The entire airline industry stopped flying and that’s the only reason Trump Air is not running today.

BTW – if you use the Google to check this out know that the failing Main Stream Media has rigged it so that it appears that all other airlines are still in business while Trump Air failed.  THEY’RE the ones who failed; I’m not a failed puppet!  Sad!

A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste at Trump University!


A rite of passage for many Americans is that first day/week/month of going off to college – meeting new friends, getting involved in campus life, following your passion to create a career, cheering on the university’s athletic teams, etc.  It’s a time that almost all Americans who experience it rate at or near the happiest times in their lives…

Like many of life’s basic needs (food {steaks!  wine!}, shelter {hotels!}, travel {airlines!}) Trump saw education as something he could make a lasting impact on the quality of peoples’ lives.

Trump decided to take all of those qualities of the education experience that people remember so fondly and set them aside.  Those were features folks could find in other (failed!) education institutions.  Trump needed to differentiate so he brought a new dimension to education:  classes taught by “real” Americans (ie – no one actually qualified to teach); offering no real diploma or recognized college credit; and as a bonus a thorough education on racketeering and fraud!

While not a university in the traditional sense there were a few fun campus organizations you could join.  Lame universities have things like the “Greek System” where college students from various backgrounds can socialize and mingle.  At Trump University this was the “Class Action System” where students could socialize and do fun things like “file lawsuits”.  And boy did these “Class Action” kids know how to party – at the end of the last semester they threw a $25M shindig financed solely through the charitable giving of Mr. Trump himself!

This Trump University Student paid $25 Million in Tuition!

Trump Steaks – Now with More Gristle!


When you think of steaks, you automatically think “mail order”, right?

Let’s go on a journey together.  Close your eyes.  Are they closed?  Great – now think back to the last great steak you had.  Perfectly seared, the exact temperature you desire and surrounded by your favorite sides:  baked potatoes, butter, cheese and some sort of token green vegetable to make it look like you value your health.  Now remember the smell as you cut into the steak, the taste as it slowly melts in your mouth and your ultimate satisfaction as you finish the last bite that you can physically consume.

Now, open your eyes and imagine how Trump could improve this experience.  Yes, we too are drawing a blank but that’s where the genius of Donald J Trump comes in because he had an idea!

We still don’t know what his idea was.  Our best guess is that it was something like this:

Big League Steaks!