The best way to protect the values all Americans hold dear would be to support those at most risk in this environment
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Someone once said “a picture is worth a thousand words”, but how do you really capture the elegance of someone who has the BEST WORDS…? Well, we here at the rDJPL aren’t sure either but we’ll give it a try:

Father of the Year


President Trump’s sons have also learned valuable lessons from their father such as multi-tasking.  Over several critically important trips to Africa looking for a Kenyan birth certificate both Eric and DJT Jr took some time to help eradicate the earth from sad, weak animals.

(not pictured:  Kenyan birth certificate)

Trump Love


Unfortunately sexual assault remains a constant threat in America today.  For those who know President Trump the best they say he is a great teacher of values and winning!

Nothing demonstrates his leadership more than when you see President Trump’s loved ones successfully avoiding assault from a widely accused predator.  Win!