It’s remarkable how knowledgeable about sexual harassment Bill O’Reilly is!

With women’s issues front and center today and the movie Get Out! being so popular we at the Real Donald J Trump Presidential Library thought it would be fun to smash these up in a fun, interactive exhibit.  Hosted by friend of President Trump, star of Inside Edition and Loofah enthusiast Bill O’Reilly the exhibit takes you through a world where sexual predators roam freely, but are also aging rapidly.  These predators have discovered the path to immortality, but to do so they must find a vessel to transplant their brains.

And what better vessel than women?  Strong, hardworking and best of all –> who’s going to believe a woman who claims she was sexually harassed by herself…?

The experience begins with a job interview, followed by offers for 1:1 “career coaching” in private rooms and possibly even some furniture buying.  As this is a choose-your-own adventure exhibit the experience will be different for each woman.  The main difference being how fast you can run.

Please join us soon in this merrymaking expedition.  We do strongly recommend against wearing high-heels, however.