A Trump Air Shuttle for Every Wife!

It was everything you know and love from a Trump business AND it flew!  Not very long, mind you (pesky things like profitability, wasteful spending, poor reliability and passengers getting sick from spray tan residue – SAD!), but Trump Air did in fact fly!

While it was a fleeting venture those lucky enough to fly with Trump received the same quality experience every other Trump business customer enjoys:  gold plated toilets, hosts in rented tuxedos, crashes & destruction and yelling – so much tremendous yelling!  In the end it was an incredible success that was only stopped when the industry collapsed.  The entire airline industry stopped flying and that’s the only reason Trump Air is not running today.

BTW – if you use the Google to check this out know that the failing Main Stream Media has rigged it so that it appears that all other airlines are still in business while Trump Air failed.  THEY’RE the ones who failed; I’m not a failed puppet!  Sad!