When you think of steaks, you automatically think “mail order”, right?

Let’s go on a journey together.  Close your eyes.  Are they closed?  Great – now think back to the last great steak you had.  Perfectly seared, the exact temperature you desire and surrounded by your favorite sides:  baked potatoes, butter, cheese and some sort of token green vegetable to make it look like you value your health.  Now remember the smell as you cut into the steak, the taste as it slowly melts in your mouth and your ultimate satisfaction as you finish the last bite that you can physically consume.

Now, open your eyes and imagine how Trump could improve this experience.  Yes, we too are drawing a blank but that’s where the genius of Donald J Trump comes in because he had an idea!

We still don’t know what his idea was.  Our best guess is that it was something like this:

Big League Steaks!